Juan Óscar García Gómez

Scientific Education  

Juan Óscar García Gómez was born in 1989 in Albacete, Spain. He studied at I.E.S Cristobal Lozano high school in the Science and Technology section from 2005 until 2007, and entered the University of Castilla-La Mancha a year later. In 2012, he graduated in Telecoms Engineering with a specialisation in audio-visual systems. In his thesis, he had to analyse railway noise and railroad traffic, using not only simulations but also in situ measurements, and had to offer solutions to reduce noise level in the city.

From 2011 to 2012, he did an official Master's degree in Acoustic Engineering at the Universidad Politecnica in Valencia, Spain, where he studied acoustics fundaments, electroacoustic systems, finite element analysis, digital signal processing, building acoustics, and psychoacoustics. This master also included studies of architectural acoustics, room acoustics, using CAD design and more specific acoustic-oriented softwares (CATT, Odeon and EASE). In June 2013, for his second Master year, Juan Óscar did an internship on acoustics at the LAUM (Acoustic laboratory of the ENSIM — École Nationale Supérieure d'ingénieurs), Le Mans, France. He studied physical and mechanical acoustics and wrote his thesis on the development of supporting tools (both hardware and software) in the making process of instruments. This was part of the PAFI project, a supportive platform for instrument making where vibroacoustics analyses are run on instruments.

Musical Education

From 2002 to 2007, Juan Óscar attended Hellin music school, in Spain, where he studied musical theory as well as classic and electric guitar. He soon started playing with several music bands.

Acoustical Experience

Juan Óscar got rapidly involved in sound engineering both for studio recordings and live performances. As of 2011, Juan Óscar got acquainted with Audio networks (Cobranet, Ethernet Sound), venue's audio systems for live productions, multichannel audio, advanced technics for microphonic caption, monitoring distribution design, and array's alignment. And as part of his university studies, Juan Óscar designed a THX cinema, a recording studio, a few music venues and some building isolation's projects, applying his country regulations in building acoustics.

Kahle Acoustics Reference Projects

Juan Óscar joined Kahle Acoustics in August 2013. Amongst other projects, Juan Óscar works, in Europe, on the Spuiforum project in The Hague (Netherlands), on the construction of the Musikzentrum Bochum and the Axel Springer Media Center in Berlin (Germany), on the Opéra des Nations in Geneva, the Théâtre de Carouge and the Théâtre de Neuchâtel (Switzerland), and on the transformation of the theatre Le Rideau in Brussels (Belgium). Juan Óscar also works on the Fuzhou Strait Culture and Arts Center and the Guiyang Cultural Center (China). In France, he collaborates on the construction of the national scene La Comédie, Clermont-Ferrand, and on both Lines 14 South and 15 of the train stations' modernization for the Grand Paris Express, in France.

Part of his consultant role is to develop parametric software tools dedicated to real-time analysis and optimization of 3D geometry in acoustic and architectural design. This software is now currently used within Kahle Acoustics to improve and optimize acoustic design while respecting the architectural expression. He regularly performs acoustic simulation and measurements in-situ along with analysis.

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