Musikzentrum Bochum

The new music centre in Bochum, Germany, wraps around and flows through the historic neo-gothic Saint Mary's Church. The centre is now home to the Bochumer Symphoniker as well as to school ensembles.

Musikcentrum BochumConceptual section of music centre, showing the concert hall, the foyer (in the existing church) and the multi-purpose room.
© Bez + Kock Architekten
Musikcentrum BochumThe 950-seat concert hall viewed from the second balcony, which surrounds the hall on all four sides.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumFirst rehearsals were held in the new 950-seat concert hall in June 2016, with the Bochumer Symphoniker conducted by Steven Sloane.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumThe two balconies — curved at the back and the front, with broken angles at the sides — have slightly inclined balcony fronts that optimise early acoustic sound reflections to the audience and back to the musicians.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumThe slightly inclined lateral stage wall, balcony soffits and canopy provide optimised acoustic reflections back to the musicians for excellent on-stage hearing conditions.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumThe stage accommodates a full symphony orchestra with choir on a low balcony for good connection between orchestra and choir. The choir balcony can also be used for audience seating.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumThe upstage wall is an open surface made of wooden slats, behind which a sound absorbing curtain can be installed in order to adjust orchestral balance.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumThe concert hall – viewed here from the choir balcony behind the stage – provides great proximity and musical connection between the musicians and last rows of audience.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumThe canopy, curved in both directions, is acoustically optimised to provide beneficial reflections back to the musicians and to the audience in the stalls. It is installed beneath the sound-transparent ceiling of the new concert hall.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumAt the intersection between the new concert hall and the multifunctional hall, the renovated church is the heart of the music centre and is now used as the foyer and for events.
© Kahle Acoustics
Musikcentrum BochumThe new music centre maintains the architectural presence of St. Mary's church. The audience enters the building through the church now used as foyer. The historic walls of the church are still visible inside the new building.
© Kahle Acoustics
Technische Details


Ort   Bochum, Deutschland.

Baukosten   33 Millionen €.

Zeitrahmen   Wettbewerb 2012, Baubeginn 2013, Eröffnung Oktober 2016.

Bauherr   Stadt Bochum, Deutschland.

Architekt(en)   Bez + Kock Architekten, Deutschland.

Zahl der Sitzplätze   Musikzentrum mit einem Konzertsaal für die Bochumer Symphoniker mit 950 Plätzen, einem Mehrzweckraum (200-400 Plätze) für die Musikschule Bochum und einem flexibel nutzbaren Foyer in der ehemaligen Marienkirche..

Nutzung   Konzertsaal der Bochume Symphoniker, verschiedene Ensembles der Musikschule Bochum, Gastorchester, Kammermusik, Rezitals und Festivals.

Leistungsumfang   Akustische Beratung und Theaterplanung, in Zusammenarbeit mit Müller-BBM, Deutschland, und Ducks Scéno, Frankreich.

Beteiligte Berater   Eckhard Kahle, Juan Óscar García Gómez, Thomas Wulfrank, Johan Brulez, Kahle Acoustics; Eckard Mommertz, Wolfgang Drescher, Müller-BBM; Frans Swarte, Ducks Scéno.

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