Maison des Arts et de la Vie
associative, Épernay

This project shelters associations' activities along with a dance and music school. It alignes with the French environmental quality norms (HQE).

Façade of the Maison de vie associative.
© Kahle Acoustics
The dancing rehearsal room.
© Kahle Acoustics
Lateral side of the ballroom with glass surface.
© Kahle Acoustics
Wood beams alignment, detail from the ballroom ceiling.
© Kahle Acoustics
Smooth acoustic integration within the walls of the various studios.
© Kahle Acoustics
Technische Details


Ort   Épernay, France.

Baukosten   7.8 million €.

Zitrahmen   Conception 2011-2012. Construction 2012-2013. Opening February 2014.

Bauherr   City of Épernay.

Architekt(en)   Giovanni Pace Sarl d'Architecture, Reims.

Zahl der Sitzplätze   A music school made of 16 studios and a couple of dedicated rooms for local activities. A dance school with 3 studios, some conference ones (size between 110 m² and 1 600 m²). Office space for local associations. Total area of approx. 3 000 m².

Nutzung   Cultural and associative events, dance, music, fine arts and conferences.

Leistungsumfang   Comprehensive acoustic consulting services including acoustic concept, design and construction supervision.

Beteiligte Berater   Johan Brulez, Thomas Wulfrank, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics.

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