Fine acoustic is not there
to be seen but to be
blended into the architecture.

Kahle Acoustics provides acoustic consulting services for every type of performing arts venue projects, such as concert halls, opera houses, theatres, and auditoriums be it new constructions, renovations, rehabilitations or improvements of existing buildings. Rather than applying preconceived formulations to projects, Kahle Acoustics actively seeks solutions that consider context, architectural design and artistic merit.

Kahle Acoustics genuinely believes that acoustic considerations should be factored in from the very start of the project, and not merely be “bolted on” to an existing design.

With the team's pertinent background both in music and science, Kahle Acoustics is very attuned to requirements and feedback from musicians, audience and performers. It gives the team a solid background knowledge, when it comes to collaborating with architects and venue planners on a programme's development or amendments.

Kahle Acoustics is located in Brussels, Belgium, and was founded in 2001 by Eckhard Kahle. All members work in multiple languages: French, English, Dutch, and German, and on three continents: Europe, North America and Asia.

Kahle Acoustics frequently collaborates with some of the world's most prestigious architects, such as Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Viñoly, Terry Pawson, Paul Andreu, Rem Koolhaas and Souto de Moura.

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The 2018/19 issue of Auditoria magazine is out and you may read our article on found spaces via this pdf.

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Our acoustician, Thomas Wulfrank took an active part in the project Inside the Hearing Machine notably in collaboration with the Orpheus Instituut and Tom Beghin. If you are interested, please browse on the Inside the Hearing Machine website, or Orpheus Instituut website and join one of the three October events to enter the multisensory playground of the late deaf composer: Beethoven. Or read The Acoustics of Beethoven's Hearing Machine, CD-booklet for Tom Beghin.

The contributing writer to Forbes Magazine, Jens F. Laurson is a Classical Critic who wrote about the Musikzentrum Bochum (July 21, 2017) in comparison to Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, please read more through this pdf. More info: here

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