Yong Siew Toh Conservatory
of Music, Singapore

A conservatory of music with a 650-seat concert hall, teaching rooms and rehearsal-recording studios.

The 650-seat concert hall with its two ribbon-like
balconies surrounding the stage.
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Rehearsal of a symphonic music concert in the 650-seat concert hall.
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650-seat concert hall.
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Reflection panels above the stage and the first rows of seats
of the 650-seat concert hall.
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Ceiling of concert hall.
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One of the rehearsal rooms, sometimes used
for chamber music concerts with a small audience.
By means of the removable absorbing panels,
the acoustics can be adapted to different configurations.
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The Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music from the outside.
© Kahle Acoustics
and foyer.
© Kahle Acoustics
© Kahle Acoustics
Information Sheet


Location   Singapore.

Project Cost   $30 million Singpore (approximately 15 million €).

Time Frame   Design: 2003. Construction: 2004. Opening: October 2006.

Owner   National University of Singapore.

Architect(s)   Liu Thai Ker, RSP Architects, Singapore.

Theatre Planner(s)   Theatre Projects Consultants, London.

Seat Count   650-seat concert hall, 5 ensemble rehearsal rooms, 40 teaching rooms, 50 practice rooms. The two balconies surrounding the concert hall are mostly used by the audience, however the first balcony may also be used by a choir and/or musicians in some musical configurations. Total area 15 000 m².

Uses   Concerts, recitals, orchestra rehearsals, music conservatory.

Services   Basic and acoustical concept; acoustical consulting throughout the project.

Team   Eckhard Kahle, Project Manager, Nathalie Faillet, Kahle Acoustics.

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