Musiktheater Linz

Design of a new opera house containing a 1100-seat opera hall, a 450-seat chamber music and rehearsal room, as well as a 250-seat studio theatre.

The 1100-seat opera hall.
© City of Linz
View of the lateral reverberation volume of the opera hall.
© City of Linz
Kress & Adams lightening is integrated in the opera hall ceiling
with diffuse shimmer and deep glow when reflected in artificial light.
© Terry Pawson Architects
Steam-heated acacia wood on the walls and ceiling for this auditorium
designed as a compact theatre gallery with interior connecting stairs.
© Terry Pawson Architects
The auditorium provides perfect acoustics and an excellent view
of the stage from each of its seats.
© Terry Pawson Architects
Neoclassical overtones of the vertical facade
facing the park and coming from the railway station.
© Terry Pawson Architects


Locatie   Linz, Austria.

Bouwkosten   150 million €.

Periode   Winning competition entry in April 2006. Design services Kahle Acoustics 2008-2009. Construction 2009-2011. Opening April 2013.

Opdrachtgever   State of Upper Austria.

Architect(en)   Terry Pawson, Terry Pawson Architects, London.

Theateradviseur(s)   Theatre Projects Consultants (TPC), London.

Capaciteit   1100-seat opera house, 300-seat chamber music hall, 250-seat theatre, rehearsal rooms, offices and workshops. Total area 22 000 m².

Gebruik   Landestheater Oberösterreich (Regional Opera), Bruckner Orchestra Linz.

Werkzaamheden   Collaboration with architect and theatre planner on concept. Comprehensive acoustic consulting services (design phases only).

Adviseur(s)   Eckhard Kahle, Project Manager, Thomas Wulfrank, Kahle Acoustics.

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