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Carré des Docks Le Havre-Normandie, France, opens officially on December 12th. The conference and exhibition centre offers a 2 100-seat concert and congress hall and 6 800 m² of exhibition space. More info: here.

Friche La Belle de Mai, Marseille, France, inaugurates early December its extension dedicated to artistic creation and production, notably those of the national centre of musical creation called GMEM. More info soon to come, meanwhile please click on website.

The Jacquart cellars were renovated and transformed into a cultural centre called Le Cellier, in the City of Reims, France. It was lead by L'Escaut Architectures, Brussels, and Tandem+, Lille, and reopened its door in April 2015. This project has been awarded the Prix Rubans du Patrimoine by the national town halls' Association, the French federation of construction and the heritage foundation.

Kahle Acoustics is glad to share the opening programme of Muzikcentrum Bochum which opens its doors on 29th-30th October. Music for all!

Jean-Claude Casadesus, founder and musical director for forty years of the National Orchestra of Lille, handed over his role to Alexandre Boch. You may read about how the 2-day concerts went via the website of Telerama.

The Chapelle Corneille in Rouen, which reopened in February 2016, received an award for its acoustic and scenographic chandelier by Batiactu Construction in the category Métiers d'Art. The jury's comment is available in French via this pdf.

October 27th, Paris   A conference — co-organised by the Centre Pompidou and Paris-Malaquais — is held on the technical and theoretical consequences of acoustics in relation to architecture. Eckhard Kahle lectures on the acoustical project of the Philharmonie de Paris, Du programme à sa réception : le projet acoustique de la Philharmonie de Paris. Programme.

Mid-September 2016, Eckhard Kahle   presented his paper on Acoustic feedback for performers on stage - return from experience, at the International Symposium on Musical and Room Acoustics (ISMRA 2016) held in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can access the paper via this link.

As of September 2016   and for nine months, Fabian Knauber, who has graduated in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Technical Acoustics (Aachen University, Germany), joins the team as acoustic consultant. He will dedicate his time to R&D, among which, auralisation and room acoustics perception.

July 2016 — Eckhard Kahle   gave an interview to Konsept Projeler, a bilingual Turkish Magazine dedicated to architecture and design. In the issue, available here, Eckhard Kahle talks about architectural acoustics and Kahle Acoustics's projects.

Le Nouveau Siècle   Please read the laudatory article on Le Nouveau Siècle, Lille, published by Marc Zitzmann, columnist at the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, a Swiss-German newspaper, on June 25th. More information: Kahle Acoustics.

EuroRegio 2016   Juan Óscar García Gómez was invited to the EuroRegio 2016, held in Porto mid-June. In the structured session dedicated to Acoustic design of rooms for music, he lectured on Shaping concert halls. The article can be read here.

Musikzentrum Bochum, Germany   After the set-up of the canopy in March 2016, the first rehearsals of the Bochumer Symphoniker took place in the hall in June 2016, prior to the formal opening later this year. Click here for recent photos of the hall still prior to opening, and Kahle Acoustics.

USITT 2016 Award   The Stavanger Konserthus received the American 2016 Architecture Merit Award by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT). More information from USITT and from the Theater Planner of the Stavanger Konserthus.

June 2016, Zwin Natuur Park   The new Zwin in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, the “international migratory bird airport”, opened its doors on June 3rd. Kahle Acoustics did the comprehensive acoustic services for the whole centre and soundscaping studies for the park. Click here for additional information and Kahle Acoustics.

April 2016   Evan Green joins Kahle Acoustics, bringing his passion for the use of cognitive science in room acoustics design — to better understand how we hear and listen, and to develop new approaches in architectural acoustics. Read more on Evan.

February 15th, Opéra des Nations   The Opéra des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, an all-wood opera house, opened on February 15th. It replaces the Geneva Grand Théâtre during its renovation from 2016 to 2018. The former Théâtre éphémère of the Comédie-Française has been transformed and adapted to opera, ballets and recitals: enlargement of the hall by 8 m, increasing the seat count to 1 118; addition of an orchestra pit; acoustic optimization with reflectors installed above the orchestra pit and on the sidewalls of the hall. For more info, please browse on and Kahle Acoustics.

Chapelle Corneille   On February 4th, the 17th-century Chapelle Corneille in Rouen, France, will re-open its doors as a concert auditorium. The press kit (only in French) can be read here. More information and photos here.