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Stavanger, September 2012   Our new concert hall in Stavanger, Norway, has opened to the public on 15th September 2012. The reactions from musicians and the press are enthusiastic. Full article (in Norwegian), video footage of this maiden event, photos or project website. • Hélène Grimaud's reaction on its page Facebook: A new temple of music is born in Stavanger, a wonderful new concert hall in the mysterious and poetic Norway I love. A symbol of this land and its woods, looking out onto the sea and proudly facing oil and cruise ships.

September 2012   Yann published a scientific paper in this month issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. A new method is proposed in order to relate the architectural shape of a concert hall to its ability to provide sufficient early reflections. Article

Wuxi, Mai 2012   Notre projet pour le Wuxi Opera House en Chine s'est ouvert le 1er mai. Il présente un nouveau concept acoustique : les finitions des murs et des balcons sont en bambou permettant d'intégrer la réflection acoustique recherchée dans une magnifique architecture.

Freiburg, May 2012   Opening of the Rehearsal room complex Ensemblehaus Freiburg for both the Freiburger Barockorchester and the Ensemble Recherche. (here)

Genève, Avril 2012   Lire l'article sur la nouvelle acoustique du Victoria Hall à Genève.

Rotterdam, January 2012   Thomas and Cees present a lecture entitled Architecture and Acoustics at CUE2012.


Bordeaux, December 2011   Auditorium of Bordeaux (here) Construction underway, read the article:

De Bijloke Muziekcentrum, November 2011   Music Centre De Bijloke (here) in Ghent has reopened its Kraakhuis, a 250-seat room mainly dedicated to chamber music and acoustic jazz. Kahle Acoustics and artist Ara Starck co-designed an acoustic curtain installation, allowing adaptation of the reverberation time of the 500-year old Kraakhuis at the push of a button. Watch it in action

Competition, November 2011   Our Office, in collaboration with Atelier d'Architecture King Kong and dUCKS scéno, just won the design team competition for the transformation of the 17th century Chapelle Corneille in Rouen into a concert hall for early music, chamber music and small ensembles.

Perpignan, October 2011   The Théâtre de l'Archipel (here), our project in Perpignan together with Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Brigitte Métra Architects opens.

02 July 2011, 19/20 France3 Midi-Pyrénées   Our acoustic design for the new multi-purpose concert hall in Marciac receives warm compliments in the evening news on French regional television.

Marciac, May 2011   “The seats are large and comfortable, the views onto stage exceptional, the sound rich and mellow, yielding the impression of unamplified, natural acoustics...” La Depeche 30/05

Marciac, May 2011   “This Hall boasts the latest technologies, in particular in acoustics, since it will also be used for creative and recording purposes...” La Depeche 20/05

Ghent, May 2011   Painter Ara Starck, whom Kahle Acoustics worked together with for the design of the gigantic acoustic drape for the Kraakhuis at Bijloke Muziekcentrum, explains her artistic vision (as well as her appreciation of the acoustician...) in this interview (in Dutch). The installation will be completed in September.

Marciac, May 2011 + Perpignan, July 2011   Two of our acoustical achievements are about to open in France: a new concert hall in Marciac, intended to receive the famous Jazz in Marciac Festival, and the Théâtre de l'Archipel in Perpignan, designed using unprecedented acoustical and architectural concepts and devices. Check out the French press: amc and Le Moniteur.

Bordeaux, 2011/03/01   Our Bordeaux projects attract the attention of the French press.

Luzern, 2011/02/12-13   Eckhard performs as violist with the 21st Symphony Orchestra at KKL in Lucerne.

Paris, 2011/01/31   Eckhard and Yann are doing room acoustic measurements in the eldest purpose built concert hall of Paris, built in 1811 for the National Music Conservatory (CNSM). In more recent times, it has been transformed into a theatre, used by the National Theatre Conservatory.

2011/01/24   Anne D'hond joins our team as communication assistant.


2010/12/01   Johan Brulez joins the Kahle Acoustics team. Check out his curriculum vitae here

Utrecht, 2010/11/24   Cees Mulder, collaborative consultant for Kahle Acoustics, presents a paper at the Dutch Acoustical Society (NAG) on how to make a drama theatre suitable for opera productions by both architectural and electroacoustic means.

Leuven, August 2010   Thomas Wulfrank of Kahle Acoustics collaborates with artist Trees De Mits on a soundscape installation for Museum M in Leuven, entitled Cor(v)o Spezzato. The installation involves the spatialisation of crow sounds, recorded at Japanese Shinto shrines, throughout one of the museum's main halls exhibiting early Christian sculptures. The multiple loudspeakers were completely hidden in the architecture, allowing for an unusual immersive experience.

2010/07/19   Kahle Acoustics' Curve project in Leicester (UK) receives the International Architecture Award 2010, organized by the Chicago Athenaeum and the European Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies.

2010/07/06   The team of architect Jean-Marc Rio, Kahle Acoustics and dUCKS Sceno wins the international competition for the Simon Bolivar concert hall project in Caracas (Venezuela).

2010/07/15   Die neue, vollständig überarbeitete Webseite ist online! Willkommen!

Lisbon, 2010/06/13   Eckhard Kahle is invited to give a Short Course on Room Acoustics as part of the Internoise 2010 congress in Lisbon, Portugal.

Gstaad, 2010/02/3-5   >Eckhard Kahle served as technical advisor for the jury of the international architectural competition for LesArtsGstaad, a new concert hall to be built in the Swiss Mountain Town of Gstaad housing the Menuhin Festival. Winner of the competition was Rudy Ricciotti from Bandol, France.

Paris, 2010/01/29   Eckhard gives a presentation on acoustics at the Paris Conservatory of Music (CNSMDP).

Rotterdam, 2010/01/19   Thomas presents a lecture on variable acoustics for multipurpose halls at the fair for theatre technology in Rotterdam (vakbeurs theatertechniek).


Marciac, France, 2009/12/19   The first stone ceremony is organized on the building site of future music venue in Marciac (France). This performance space has been awaited by jazz fans for years and will house the 30 year old JIM: Jazz In Marciac festival.

Mons, Belgium, 2009/12/01   Our team with Holoffe-Vermeersch and Laurent Niget architects has been awarded the first prize in the Arsonic Mons competition for a new performance space for contemporary music. Mons is in the short list to become Cultural Capital of Europe in 2015.

2009/11/05   Kahle Acoustics finalize the development of an internal analysis software based on the Boundary Element Method. This software will be used in order to precisely analyze and quantify the diffraction effects and diffusive properties of acoustic reflectors. It is based on previous work by Alexandre Jolibois, who was intern at Kahle Acoustics in 2008.

Brussels, 2009/09/20   Our Square project in central Brussels together with A.2R.C architects opens.