The Howard Theatre, Cambridge

New neo-classical auditorium with proscenium stage — modelled on the Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds — for chamber and amplified music, theatrical productions and conferences.

Technische Details

Neubauten The Howard Theatre

Ort University of Cambridge, England.

Baukosten £9.4 million (approx. 10.9 million € according to the opening year's conversion rate).

Zeitrahmen Design: 2006-2007. Construction: 2008-2009. Completion: January 2010.

Bauherr The Howard Foundation D.C., United Kingdom.

Architect(en) Quinlan Terry Architects, United Kingdom

Theaterplaner Theatre Projects Consultants, United Kingdom

Zahl der Sitzplätze 160-seat neo-classical performance space with proscenium stage.

Nutzung The Auditorium is used for conferences, concerts (chamber and amplified music), and theatrical productions.

Leistungsumfang Comprehensive acoustics consulting services from early design to commissioning of the completed building.

Beteiligte Berater Thomas Wulfrank, project manager, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics.

1/8The Howard TheatreEckhard Kahle performs on his violin in the 160-seat auditorium. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
2/8The Howard TheatreView from the stage. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
3/8The Howard TheatreOn both galleries, the acoustic curtains allow fine tuning of the auditorium. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
4/8The Howard TheatreBalconies. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
5/8The Howard TheatreNeo-classical auditorium. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
6/8The Howard TheatreEntrance. Foto © Kahle Acoustics
7/8The Howard TheatreOverall hand-drawn design of the building by Quinland & Francis Terry. Foto © Quinlan & Francis Terry
8/8The Howard TheatreSketch of the long section by Quinland & Francis Terry. Foto © Quinlan & Francis Terry