Flow – Centre eurorégional
des Cultures urbaines, Lille

Rap, slam, graffiti, hip-hop and breakdance have an official dwelling place in Lille, like a transparent toolbox serving the multidisciplinary trademark of urban culture.

Flow, LilleA digital glass fa├žade with LED-incorporated slides which can be animated by artists through the use of a computer device.
© Roland Halbe Fotografie
Flow, LilleThe Concert hall can accommodate from 250 up to 700 people.
Its stage can be either installed in the middle or at the back of the hall.
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Flow, LilleDisplay of acoustic cushions on the walls of the concert hall.
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Flow, LilleConcert hall without retractable seating (here stowed).
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Flow, LilleFabric detail of the acoustically absorbing cushions which are displayed on the sidewalls of the concert hall.
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Flow, LilleInterdisciplinary practice space for artists in residence. Here, a recording studio housed in the basement with acoustic cushions displayed on its walls.
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Flow, LilleStudio for collective practice set up in the basement.
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Flow, LilleDance studio on level 2 of the building.
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Flow, LilleGraffiti worskhop on level 3 of the building.
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Information Sheet


Location   Lille, France.

Project Cost   9.5 million €.

Time Frame   Architectural competition: 2009-2010. Design: 2010. Building phase: 2011-2012. Opening: October 2014.

Owner   City of Lille.

Architect(s)   Atelier d'Architecture King Kong, Bordeaux.

Theatre Planner(s)   dUCKS Scéno, France.

Seat Count   Concert Hall for amplified music, 250 seats or 700 standing audience. Rehearsal rooms, music and dance studios including recording control rooms, graffiti workshops, painting and exhibition spaces. Total area 4 050 m².

Uses   Concerts, performances, recordings and workshops of all types of urban culture: amplified music, rap, hip-hop, breakdance, graffiti, etc.

Services   Comprehensive acoustic consulting services including acoustic concept, design and construction supervision.

Team   Yann Jurkiewicz, Eckhard Kahle, Johan Brulez, Kahle Acoustics.

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