GES-2, Moscow

Renzo Piano Building Workshop is transforming the historic GES-2 power station in Moscow into a space dedicated to contemporary culture, art and performance. Built in the early 1900s, the former industrial building was taken over by the V-A-C Foundation who will operate and curate the space with a programme revolving around visual arts, performing arts, music and also science. The campus also includes “making spaces” for artists, including workshops and a recording studio, as well as artists' accommodation.

GES-2The GES-2 power station in Moscow is being converted into a space for contemporary art and performance.
GES-2The Auditorium, a multi-use space with a seat count ranging from 300 to 450 seats.
GES-2Main Nave of GES-2.
GES-2Performance Platform in the GES-2 Nave.
Information Sheet


Location   Moscow, Russia.

Project Cost   n/a.

Time Frame   Concept and Design: 2017-2018. Construction: 2019-2020. Opening: 2021.

Owner   V-A-C Foundation, Moscow, Russia.

Architect(s)   Renzo Piano Building Workshop, France, in collaboration with APEX Project Bureau, Russia.

Seat Count   A 100m long exhibition space — the Nave — which includes a performance area for 100 audience, surrounded by a virtual acoustics system. For large events, the Nave can accommodate up to 3 000 standing audience. The Auditorium, furnished with a Gala seating system, has a variable seat count ranging from 300 to 450 seats. Ancillary spaces including a recording studio, galleries, teaching spaces, a restaurant and offices. Total building surface area: 20 000 m².

Uses   Contemporary art exhibitions; large performances of opera, classical and contemporary music in the Nave; chamber music, lectures, drama and cinema in the Auditorium.

Services   Full acoustic consulting and design scope for GES 2 including development of concept design and brief for room acoustics and audio systems, design of virtual acoustics systems, development of architectural solutions, recording studio design, building acoustics and noise control, site supervision and commissioning.

Team   Evan Green, Cees Mulder, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics, in collaboration with Akukon Oy, Finland.

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