Philharmonie de Paris

The Philharmonie de Paris is the iconic building in the Parc de la Villette. Its enveloping and modular typology offers multiple seating and stage configurations as well as a large range of variable acoustics.

Philharmonie de ParisView of the 2 400-seat hall during the opening.
© Charles Platiau
Philharmonie de ParisPanoramic view of the 2 400-seat hall with its envelopping typology,
where the farthest viewer is only 32 metres away from the conductor.
The hall consists of an inner, “floating” volume nested within a larger outer volume, allowing direct sound, lateral reflections and reverberation to interweave in order to combine excellent clarity and transparency with ample resonance.
© Nicolas Borel
Philharmonie de ParisThe 283-m² stage of the Grande Salle features motorized platforms
and can accommodate any orchestral formation.
The choir balcony being retractable, a frontal stage can be put in place.
The floor seating can be removed in order to enlarge the stage or accomodate standing audience.
© Nicolas Borel
Philharmonie de ParisView onto the floating balconies, with their ribbon-like
back walls and the suspended cloud-shaped reflectors.
All surfaces, from the balcony fronts to the balcony soffits
as well as the back walls and the reflectors contribute
to the acoustic reflections.
© Nicolas Borel
Philharmonie de ParisThe important quantity of reflecting surfaces contributes
to the early lateral reflections, providing intimacy and envelopment to every spectator.
© Nicolas Borel
Philharmonie de ParisDetail of the outer acoustic volume, located between the back of the balconies and the outer wall of the hall, which contributes to the long reverberation of the sound.
© Nicolas Borel
Philharmonie de ParisDetail of one of the entrances leading into
the Grande Salle through the outer acoustic volume.
© Nicolas Borel
Philharmonie de ParisThe 15-metre high by 20-metre wide organ
— manufactured by The Ateliers Rieger —
has been conceived for the symphonic repertoire.
© Nicolas Borel
Philharmonie de ParisAccess doors to the second floor balcony.
© Kahle Acoustics
Philharmonie de ParisView by night of the Philharmonie de Paris's entrance.
© Kahle Acoustics
Philharmonie de ParisIn the 2 400-seat concert hall, the audience
surrounds the Orchestre de Paris.
© Kahle Acoustics
Information Sheet


Location   Paris, France.

Project Cost   380 million €.

Time Frame   Winner of the International competition for acoustician to the client: 2006. Definition of the acoustical brief, elaboration of the acoustical programme and documents for the architectural competition: 2006. Design: 2007-2009. Construction: 2010-2014. Opening: January 2015.

Owner   Association Philharmonie de Paris (Ministry of Culture, City of Paris and Region of Paris).

Architect(s)   Jean Nouvel, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Paris; in collaboration with Brigitte Métra, Métra & Associés, Paris, for the concert hall.

Theatre Planner(s)   dUCKS Scéno, France.

Acoustician(s) to Owner   Kahle Acoustics, Brussels, in collaboration with Altia Acoustique, Paris.

Acoustician(s) to Design Team   Harold Marshall, Marshall Day Acoustics, Auckland, and Yasuhisa Toyota, Nagata Acoustics, Los Angeles, as special advisor to Jean Nouvel.

Seat Count   2400-seat concert hall, 450-seat chamber music hall, rehearsal rooms, offices. Total area approx. 25 000 m².

Uses   Main concert hall for the Orchestre de Paris and invited symphony orchestras. Additional programming includes amplified music, world music and jazz.

Services — Acoustician to the Owner   From the definition of the acoustical brief through program development, supervision of design, supervision of construction, opening services.

Team   Eckhard Kahle, Project Director, Yann Jurkiewicz, Brian F.G. Katz, Thomas Wulfrank, Kahle Acoustics. In collaboration with Altia Acoustique, Paris.

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