RTBF, Brussels

For its new headquarters, the RTBF — the French-speaking Belgian Radio and Television — combines modularity, flexibility and sustainability to reinforce the collective work and creativity of its team, while being more transparent with visitors and the public.

Nouvelle Comédie, Geneva3D model of the future headquarters of the public broadcasting corporation of the Belgian French Community.
© V+/MDW & Maxime Delvaux
Nouvelle Comédie, Geneva View from above of the future RTBF and its inner courtyard,
with the news room under a glass skylight.
© V+/MDW & Maxime Delvaux
Nouvelle Comédie, GenevaGround floor model with the main studios for television and media
(in beige at the centre) and the multifunctional room opening towards the foyer (at the bottom left).
© V+/MDW & Maxime Delvaux
Nouvelle Comédie, GenevaEntrance of the future RTBF headquarters.
© V+/MDW & Maxime Delvaux
Information Sheet


Location   Brussels, Belgium.

Project Cost   71 million €.

Time Frame   Competition: 2015. Design: 2016-2019. Construction: 2019-2023. Opening: 2024.

Owner   Radio Télévision Belge Francophone.

Architect(s)   MDW et V+ de bien-être, Brussels, Belgium.

Seat Count   Open space offices, meeting rooms, radio, television and media broadcasting studios, multifunctional room open on the foyer, news room, restaurant and ancillary spaces. Total area 38 000 m².

Uses   Public broadcasting organisation producing live and pre-recorded programs for radio, television and Internet.

Services   Full design contract for room acoustics, including basic design, construction and post-opening services. In collaboration with Tractebel Belgium for building acoustics.

Team   Thomas Wulfrank, Johan Brulez, Émilie Carayol, Kahle Acoustics.

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