Une bonne acoustique ne se voit pas, elle se fond dans l'architecture.

Société de conseil acoustique spécialisée dans les salles de concert et d'opéra, les théâtres et les auditoriums. Elle intervient dans la construction nouvelle, la rénovation, l'amélioration acoustique, la transformation d'un lieu existant en salle de concert ou de théâtre.

Plutôt que de préconiser un modèle de salle préétabli, Kahle Acoustics recherche la meilleure solution acoustique dans le respect du concept architectural et du projet artistique.

Pour que les solutions acoustiques ne viennent pas se plaquer artificiellement sur l'architecture, mais soient pensées en amont, Kahle Acoustics a pour principe de participer à l'élaboration du concept avec le client, l'architecte et le scénographe. Si nécessaire, la société contribue à définir le programme de la salle et/ou du bâtiment existant ou à construire.

Fondée en 2001 par Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics a son siège à Bruxelles. La société intervient en plusieurs langues — français, anglais, allemand, néerlandais — et sur trois continents — Europe, États-Unis, Asie.

Elle travaille avec des architectes de renommée internationale, tels que Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, Rafael Viñoly, Paul Andreu, Rem Koolhaas, Eduardo Souto de Moura, David Chipperfield et Pekka Salminen.


In collaboration with Barteld Postma and Brian Katz, Kahle Acoustics contributed to research into Room Acoustics design strategies in the pre-Sabine era. Our article (pdf) includes fascinating insights and guidelines from before the discovery of the reverberation time formula. For contemporary room design, there is much food for thought to be found in old texts! More info on our LinkedIn.

The episode on the Andermatt Concert Hall designed by Studio Seilern is broadcasted on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 7.00 pm on Sky Arts (GMT) and it explores the design and inspiration behind this world-class concert hall. Here is the link for Season 2 Episode 5 to be watched at your own convenience once you register.

Winter 2021, Emilie Carayol and Yann Jurkiewicz have started their new mission as acousticians to the owner for the development of the Ateliers Berthier site. It will become a major hub for the dramatic arts in Paris, France. Check out for more exciting news on the design architect's website.

Dear All, we are all working remotely but working still, so do all take care of yourselves and beloved ones and all the best until we meet again. Stay Home!
Kahle Acoustics

Kahle Acoustics will be supporting the musicians performing at the Andermatt first Winter Music Festival next 15th-18th January. The programme is celebrating the 250th birth anniversary of Beethoven and stars, among others, Daniel Barenboim. More info available here.

A new Kahle Acoustics's article is available on the latest Auditoria Issue, which is a Winter Issue and it is about Twin Peaks in the Swiss Alps (pages 52-55). You may read and download on line via this link. And you may also order a free copy by clicking here.

As part of our work designing the new concert hall in Nuremberg, Kahle Acoustics visited numerous halls with the client. Our visit to the KKL Luzern was documented by the Bavarian Radio (video).

The Auditoria Magazine latest issue includes our article that was co-written with the Finnish acoustic entity Akukon. It is about the Culture and Art centre in Fuzhou China, that opened last Fall 2018. Here is the pdf of the article and some additional details available on our website.

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