L'Auditorium de Bordeaux

Bordeaux inaugurated its new symphonic auditorium, designed and built between a seven-storey car park and three levels of apartments on the site of the city centre's former cinema. If sound insulation was a challenge, the superposition turned out to be a very successful constraint.

L'Auditorium de BordeauxThe 1 400 seat concert hall where the orchestra is surrounded on all sides by the audience.
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L'Auditorium de BordeauxThe 1 400 seat concert hall and its floating side balconies.
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L'Auditorium de Bordeaux© Kahle Acoustics
L'Auditorium de BordeauxOn the ceiling, four reclining mobile canopies for acoustic variability.
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L'Auditorium de BordeauxA multi-configurable stage.
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L'Auditorium de BordeauxThe furthest seat is located 25 m from the conductor.
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L'Auditorium de BordeauxThe side balconies are detached from the auditorium and can be accessed via gateways.
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L'Auditorium de BordeauxAll auditorium surfaces are reflective except for the seating of the armchairs.
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L'Auditorium de BordeauxView of a gateway to access the floating side balconies.
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Locatie   Bordeaux, France.

Bouwkosten   28 million €.

Periode   Acoustic consultant competition 2004, design 2005-2008, construction 2009-2012, opening January 2013.

Opdrachtgever   City of Bordeaux.

Architect(en)   Michel Pétuaud-Létang, Atelier aquitain d'Architectes associés (4A), Bordeaux.

Theateradviseur(s)   Ducks Scéno, France.

Capaciteit   1400-seat concert hall and a 300-seat modular hall. Total area 6 800 m².

Gebruik   Concert hall for the Orchestre national Bordeaux-Aquitaine (State Orchestra, Bordeaux), guest performances by symphony and chamber orchestras, recitals, chamber music, operas and additional uses including congress and amplified music.

Werkzaamheden   Comprehensive acoustic consulting services, including participation in the original design concept, room acoustics, acoustic isolation and noise control.

Adviseur(s)   Eckhard Kahle, Project Manager, Nathalie Faillet, Yann Jurkiewicz, Kahle Acoustics.

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