Théâtre de Carouge

Since its creation in 1958, the Théâtre de Carouge has played a social and cultural role. Through this refurbishment, it becomes an even more efficient tool to serve drama and dance productions, to keep up with innovation, and to revisit classic texts while maintaining theatre accessible to all.

Théâtre de CarougeThe all-brick façade entry of the Théâtre de Carouge.
© Kahle Acoustics
Théâtre de CarougeThe largest hall of 470 seats, as seen from the stage.
© Kahle Acoustics
Théâtre de CarougeView on the 320 sqm stage of the largest hall of 470 seats. Its stage house is 20 metres high by 13 metres depth and one can see the workshop or assembly area dedicated to shows' production at the back.
© Kahle Acoustics
Théâtre de CarougeSide view of the largest hall of 470 seats.
© Kahle Acoustics
Théâtre de CarougeDetail of the side-wall panels of the largest hall of 470 seats which are acoustically optimized.
© Kahle Acoustics
Théâtre de CarougeDetail of the seats and the ventilation installation integration in the largest hall of 470 seats.
© Kahle Acoustics
Théâtre de CarougeArticulation of the Théâtre de Carouge building, between its different volumes and its interior and exterior circulations.
© Pont12 Architectes


Locatie   Carouge, Switzerland.

Bouwkosten   64 millions CHF (approx. 62 millions €), with 8 millions CHF (approx. 7 millions €) for the village hall.

Periode   Competition: 2012. Conception: 2013-2015. Construction: 2016-2018. Opening: 2021.

Opdrachtgever   City of Carouge.

Architect(en)   Pont12 Architects sa, Switzerland.

Theateradviseur(s)   Thierry Guignard, Benouville, France.

Capaciteit   The largest hall of 470 seats has a surface of 198 sqm and a stage of 320 sqm. One small hall of 258 sqm with a 135-seat capacity, a rehearsal place of 216 sqm which can accommmodate 150 people. Total area of 5 720 sqm.

Gebruik   The theatre is dedicated to artistic creation (drama and dance), and the village hall to conferences, cultural events and banquets.

Werkzaamheden   Full design contract, including basic design to construction and post-opening services.

Adviseur(s)   Yann Jurkiewicz, Johan Brulez, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics.

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