Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre

New building containing a 1 200-seat opera hall, a 500-seat dining theatre, cinemas and a science museum.

Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreView from stage of the multifunctional opera auditorium.
Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreThe 1200-seat opera hall.
Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreLateral view
of the 1200-seat
opera auditorium.
Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreBalconies.
Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreDining Theatre.
Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreThe Suzhou Science & Cultural Arts Centre.
Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreThe Suzhou
Science &
Cultural Arts Centre.
Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreDining Theatre.


Locatie   Suzhou, China.

Bouwkosten   30 million € for the opera hall, 130 million € for the global project including a sciences museum and a multiplex cinema.

Periode   Design phase 2004-2005, construction 2005-2007, opened in September 2007.

Opdrachtgever   Suzhou Science & Cultural Arts Center.

Architect(en)   ECADI (Eastern China Architectural Design Institute), Shanghai.

Theateradviseur(s)   Theatre Projects Consultants (TPC), London.

Capaciteit   1200-seat opera hall and 500-seat dinner theatre. Total area 18 000 m².

Gebruik   Opera hall: Occidental and Chinese opera, symphonic and chamber music orchestras, recitals, amplified events. Theatre: dinner-theatre for performances and jazz.

Werkzaamheden   Concept of variable acoustics for the 1200-seat opera (classical as well as amplified music in addition to operatic performances). Comprehensive acoustic consulting services including supervision of design, studies, and opening services.

Adviseur(s)   Eckhard Kahle, Project Manager, Brian Katz, Nathalie Faillet, Kahle Acoustics. In collaboration with Zhang Kui Sheng Design Institute, Shanghai, for local construction supervision.

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