Turku Music Hall Fuuga

The new Turku Music Hall Fuuga on the banks of the Aura River will combine world-class acoustics with innovative design and functionalities. The collaboration with the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra will ultimately convey an immersion into music through a tailored-made ideal soundscape in a low carbon footprint and energy efficiency building.

Technische Details

Neubauten Turku Music Hall Fuuga   www.turku.fi

Ort Turku, Finland.

Baukosten 84 million €.

Zeitrahmen Competition: 2021. Design: 2021-2022. Construction: 2023-2025. Opening: Spring 2026.

Bauherr City of Turku, Owner member of Alliance.

Architekt(en) PES-Arkkitehdit Ltd, Helsinki   www.pesark.com   Architect member of Alliance  •  WSP Finland Oy, Helsinki   www.wsp.com   Engineering member of Alliance.

Bauunternehmer(en) Hartela Länsi-Suomi Oy, Finland   www.hartela.fi   Contractor member of Alliance.

Zahl der Sitzplätze Two auditoriums: a 1 300-seat concert hall optimized for symphony orchestra concerts, also housing operas and amplified music events, and a 300-seat multipurpose hall for performances, events and orchestra rehearsals.

Nutzung In addition to housing the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, the centre will accommodate large orchestral ensembles together with choir and organ, amplified music performances, rehearsals and recordings included, congresses or other functions.

Leistungsumfang Full-service acoustics consulting for the concert hall and ancillary spaces, including room acoustics design, acoustical shaping and optimisation of the concert hall, tuning of the acoustics for opening, sound isolation design and services noise control, in collaboration with Akukon Oy.

Beteiligte Berater Yann Jurkiewicz, Vincent Berrier, Eckhard Kahle, Kahle Acoustics  •  Henrik Möller, Akukon Finland Oy.

1/7Turku Music Hall FuugaAerial view of the Turku Music Hall Fuuga by the Aura riverbanks. Foto © PES-Architects
2/7Turku Music Hall FuugaThe 1 300-seat concert hall for acoustic orchestral music with an orchestra pit that can accommodate opera performances will offer a warm wood atmosphere and a natural light through clerestory windows that can be blacked out when needed. Its choir balcony, at the back of the stage and in front of the pipe organ, can be used as audience seating. Foto © PES-Architects
3/7Turku Music Hall FuugaThe 1 300-seat main concert hall takes the form of a modified “shoe box”, with curved balconies that wrap around the stalls and stage to create an immersive space where the audience and orchestra are enveloped by music. Foto © PES-Architects
4/7Turku Music Hall FuugaView from the side balcony onto the stage, the choir balcony and the pipe organ. Foto © PES-Architects
5/7Turku Music Hall FuugaFirst floor lobby with its vertical openings in the copper-clad timber and glass façade offer a view on the banks of the Aura river which border the Turku Music Hall Fuuga. Foto © PES-Architects
6/7Turku Music Hall FuugaOutdoor esplanade with stepped audience seating. Foto © PES-Architects
7/7Turku Music Hall FuugaThe future Turku Music Hall Fuuga with its soft curving forms and its copper façade cladding will be located on Independence Square between the City Theatre and the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum. Foto © PES-Architects