Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht

Theater aan het Vrijthof is a multifunctional theatre that opened in 1982 in the heart of Maastricht. It is the residence for Philharmonie ZuidNederland, the orchestra of Brabant and Limburg, and a main stage for Opera Zuid and Toneelgroep Maastricht. The renovation includes optimization of the speech intelligibility and music definition by adding architectural integrated reflectors, optimization of the variable acoustics, both mechanically as electro acoustically, and the optimization of the orchestra shell.

Information Sheet

Renovation/Transformation Theater aan het Vrijthof

Location Maastricht, Netherlands.

Project Cost 6.4 million €.

Time Frame Investigation and Feasibility: 2014. Competition: 2017. Design: 2017-2018. Building Phase: 2018. Opening: October 2018.

Owner City of Maastricht.

Architect(s) AMA Group Associated Architects, Netherlands

Theatre Planner(s) SiFaPro, Netherlands.

Seat Count The Papyruszaal has a 907-seat capacity. Total area 400 m².

Uses The Papyruszaal hosts drama, theatre, dance, amplified music concerts, such as musicals, and non-amplified music concerts such as symphonic concerts and operas.

Services Acoustic investigation and feasibility study, collaboration with the architect redesigning the interior to optimize the acoustics, designing variable acoustics, and electronic enhancement system, construction supervision and acoustic commissioning of the hall, optimised acoustic settings.

Team Cees Mulder, Thomas Wulfrank, Kahle Acoustics.

1/7Theater aan het Vrijthof, MaastrichtThe theatre hall, Papyruszaal. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
2/7Theater aan het Vrijthof, MaastrichtView on the concert hall's parterre. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
3/7Theater aan het Vrijthof, MaastrichtConcert hall from the first balcony. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
4/7Theater aan het Vrijthof, MaastrichtAcoustics wall reflectors after the Papyruszaal renovation. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
5/7Theater aan het Vrijthof, MaastrichtDetail of the acoustics wall reflectors. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
6/7Theater aan het Vrijthof, MaastrichtRe-opening concert show after the renovation of the Papyruszaal. Photo © Kahle Acoustics
7/7Theater aan het Vrijthof, MaastrichtRetractable down kicking panels integrated into the orchestra shell's side panels. Photo © Kahle Acoustics