Because of their background in both music and science, all members of Kahle Acoustics are particularly attuned to the demands and language of musicians, and the requirements of both the audience and the performers on stage.

For big projects outside Europe, Kahle Acoustics frequently collaborates with local consultants in order to more closely supervise construction, and provides a hands-on approach to implementing the acoustic solution.


The Team:
Eckhard Kahle, PhD — Acoustician and Founder of Kahle Acoustics
Thomas Wulfrank — Acoustician and Associate
Yann Jurkiewicz — Acoustician and Associate
Evan Green — Acoustician and Associate
Johan Brulez — Acoustician
Nathalie Faillet — Acoustician & Recording Engineer
Juan Óscar García Gómez — Acoustician
Émilie Carayol — Acoustician
Brian F.G. Katz, PhD — Acoustician & Researcher, external consultant
Cees Mulder — Acoustician & Electroacoustics Specialist, external consultant

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