Émilie Carayol

Scientific Education  

Émilie Carayol was born in 1992 in France. She studied at the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris. In 2013, she completed a double Bachelor degree, the first in Engineering Sciences and the second in Musicology. For the former, she notably studied signal processing, and fluid and solid mechanics. As part of her Bachelor degree, she went on an Erasmus exchange to study sciences and musicology at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain. In 2015, she obtained her Master degree in Architectural Acoustics from the University Pierre et Marie Curie.

Musical Education and Experience  

Émilie Carayol has been practising the flute since 1997 and the piano since 2004. She has performed with various orchestras such as Jazz Ensemble Sorbonne, Orchestre de Jeunes Alfred Loewenguth Paris, Banda Ultimo Cielo, Opéra des Landes, in France, and Cambridge Graduate Orchestra, Cambridge Sinfonietta in the UK. In 2013 she received her Bachelor degree in Music and Musicology from the Paris-Sorbonne University.

Acoustical Experience  

During her first Master year, Émilie did an internship in building acoustics at Impédance, Paris, where, in addition to working as building acoustician, she created training courses in English on acoustics and vibration principles for big companies. During her second Master year, her internship was at Ramboll Environ Ltd in Cambridge, UK, where she was offered a permanent position starting October 2015. As part of her tasks there, she was involved in carrying out auralisation work for presentation to third parties, one area she particularly likes.

Kahle Acoustics Reference Projects  

Émilie joined Kahle Acoustics in January 2017. Amongst other projects, she collaborates on the construction of the Théâtre de Carouge and the renovation of construction of the Geneva music conservatory, Switzerland; and in France, on a study for acoustic optimisation for concerts in the Vezelay basilica, and on the construction of the metro stations for line 14 South and line 15 of the Grand Paris Express, in France. In parallel, she contributes to the development in auralisation at Kahle Acoustics.

Émilie is Associate Member of the Société Française d'Acoustique (SFA) and of the Institute of Acoustics (AMIOA), UK.

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