Fabian Knauber
3D Audio Engineer
External Consultant


Born in 1987 in Germany, Fabian Knauber studied Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in communication and information technology, and completed, in 2012, his Bachelor of Science. He then specialised in computer engineering (Acoustics), still at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany, where he received his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2016.

Before his master studies he was a student research assistant, for four years, and learned about room acoustics measurements, laboratory measurements (in anechoic and reverberation rooms) and practice room acoustics simulations, along auralizations, and reproduction systems. He then did an internship at Arup Deutschland Berlin, where he focused on acoustical engineering (from noise control in industrial and commercial buildings to room acoustics and auralizations).

Fabian studied clarinet for 15 years at the Kunst- und Musikschule Brühl and performed with symphonic orchestras, chamber music ensembles and as a soloist. He was awarded the 1st award in music competition Jugend Musiziert and the Kölnmesse Preis at Cologne Philharmonic hall in 2009.

Professional Experience  

With his Master of Science he became a developer at Audioborn in Cologne, Germany, and focused on the development and validation of room acoustic auralization software. After a year and a half, Fabian started to collaborate with Kahle Acoustics as an acoustic consultant and researcher, and founded in parallel Sphereo in Cologne where he developed his 3D audio engineer career along room acoustic consultancy. His span of activities includes spatial audio productions for virtual reality; loudspeaker based 3D audio installations and room acoustics consultancy for performing art buildings.

Kahle Acoustics Experience  

For 8 months Fabian joined our team and focused on the planning of the 3D audio loudspeaker listening studio, and on the development of a room acoustic auralization software for Rhinoceros in Max/MSP. He also supported the team as a room acoustic consultant on the International School of Business in Brussels, on the LSO probesaal in Luzern, on the Music Center in Bochum, on Five Miles Club in London and on the Cité de la Voix festival in the Basilica of Vézelay.

Fabian is specialized in advanced programming in Matlab/Simulink, Max/MSP, and C++ language, also in space modelling in Sketchup. He is a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) and VDT (German Sound Engineer Association).

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